Bali Gallery

In May 2014 I managed to travel to the beautiful island of Bali! As I didn’t want to relax but enjoy the awesome sights of this place I took a hotel near Ubud. From this town you can explore the jungle of the island with all the great temples and sights you read about. Although I only had very little time on the island I really enjoyed the place a lot! On this trip I used the Sirui T-005X for the photographs you see below. A great travel tripod if you need to travel light!

Bali Photos taken with the Sirui T-005X

elephant cave photograph bali

Famous Elephant Cave of Bali

jungle temple bali gallery

Temple in the Balinese Jungle HDR

rice fields bali near ubud

Rice Fields of Bali

bali mountain volcano

Volcano in the Center of Bali’s Jungle

bali hdr taken with sirui t005x

Bali Temple HDR Photograph taken with the Sirui T-005X

bali ritual washing tripod sirui

Ritual Washing at a Temple in Bali

infinity pool ubud hotel bali

The Infinity Pool of my Hotel in the middle of the Jungle

temple bali tripod gallery

Bali has a huge amount of beautiful Temples

infinity pool bali resort hotel

The Infinity Pool of my Ubud Resort in the Jungle

bali waterfall near ubud

HDR Photo of a Waterfall near Ubud

bali baby washing temple

Cute little kid being washed at the temple

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