Saba Gallery

In 2014 I went island hopping in the beautiful Caribbean Sea! Based in St. Maarten I took a short trip to the island of Saba which is a part of the Netherlands. As I was hiking on top of the island (the highest point of the Netherlands) I took the very small MeFoto DayTrip with me – and I was really glad that it was so lightweight as the hike to the top was quite strenuous. Saba is a very pretty little island and perfect for nature lovers!

Saba Photos taken with the MeFoto DayTrip:

landing at saba cockpit view

Landing at Saba seen from behind the Cockpit

highest point of netherlands travel tripod

Saba seen from the highest Point of the Netherlands – in the Caribbean!

cockpit view landing at st maarten

Cockpit view of the landing at St. Maarten

hiking saba rainforest view

Hiking through the rainforest of Saba with the MeFoto DayTrip Tripod

winair twin otter plane

Winair’s Twin Otter Plane at Saba

takeoff from saba cockpit view

Takeoff from Saba seen from behind the Cockpit

caribbean sunset from plane

Caribbean Sunset seen during Island Hopping

landing at juancho yrausquin airport

Landing at Saba with Winair

st maarten seen from plane

St. Maarten seen from a Plane

saba panorama coast

The panoramic coast of Saba

rainforest lizard tripod photograph

A small lizard in the rainforest

snail in the rainforest

Another little rainforest inhabitant

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