Three Legged Thing Eddie Review

Another one from the boutique UK tripod manufacturer Three Legged Thing: the Eddie is the even stronger tripod compared to the “Brian” we’ve looked at earlier. With a maximum supported load of 26.50 lb(!) it is able to carry some of the heaviest camera/lens-combos out there. But besides this really impressive number – what does the “Eddie” offer and is it worth its pricetag? We’ll find out in our Three Legged Thing Eddie Review!

About Three Legged Thing

“Three Legged Thing” sounds pretty cool and obvious for a tripod manufacturer. The company is kinda remarkable to be honest: “3LT” (short form) is a boutique company with just four(!) full-time staff members. All these employees are enthusiastic photographers themselves and inject all of their experience into their tripods. Located in Great Britain between London and Birmingham they produce a great little lineup of tripods for different use cases and budgets. Among this lineup is a special travel tripod series aimed at travel photographers and their special demands.

Three Legged Thing Eddie Review: Key Features

As said at the beginning of our Three Legged Thing Eddie review we pointed out the main “attraction” of this tripod: with 26.50 lb it is one of the sturdiest tripods out there, being able to carry extremely heavy lenses and camera bodies. It is made out of “stealth carbon fiber” and aimed at professionals or aspiring amateurs with a big photography rig. Just like its sister model Brian it is very versatile with an operating height of 4.92″ to 60.20″. Its Airhed 2 ballhead supports the durability of this tripod even more as it is one of the strongest ballheads on today’s market. It can also be used as a monopod if needed and has a special setting for macro photography, as well as an optional laptop holder. When going on the road with it I always wondered how so much durability and stability can fit into this little thing – it’s just incredible.

WeightSize foldedOperating HeightMaximum Load

3.24 lb


4.92" - 60.20"

26.50 lb

3.24 lb is a good value for the Three Legged Thing Eddie as it is lightweight compared to most other tripods on the market. This is achieved by using carbon fiber as the main material.A size of 16.73" folded together is not the most compact result a travel tripod can have. The 3LT Eddie still is very handy though and can easily be carried along during your trips.The minimum operating height of 4.92" is a good result for the "Eddie". Although the bigger brother "Brian" has a maximum operating height that is 18" higher, 60.20" is still a great result.A maximum supported load of 26.50 lb is a very impressive feature of the 3LT Eddie - it ranks among the best in this category.

To conclude this Three Legged Eddie review: this travel tripod is just a miraculous little thing that will withstand everything you will come across on the road. If you need something stable, something durable that still offers a lot of compactness and versatility, the 3LT Eddie is a great choice!

three legged thing eddie review

Three Legged Thing Eddie Reviews: Conclusion

Three Legged Thing Eddie


Size Folded


Minimum Height


Maximum Height




Maximum Load



  • Extremely durable
  • Versatility
  • High supported Load


  • Not the most compact Travel Tripod out there
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