Sirui T-025X Review

Compared with all other tripods that I compared, the Sirui T-025X is the most lightweight one included! With a weight of only 1.43 lb it is the easiest one to carry along when travelling on the road. Normally features like these should cost more than 500 US dollars – but this tripod only costs 239 US dollars! Reason enough to look more into it in our Sirui T-025X review.

About Sirui

Sirui is a pretty new company that specifically produces tripods. It was started in 2001 and is ISO-certified since 2007. Although “Made in China” might scare some people off, you should not be among them: these tripods have a great build quality and are made in a very advanced factory. Sirui also has multiple global presences to ensure proper distribution and customer service. Sirui trusts so much in its production quality that you will get a six year warranty on your tripod which is pretty good compared to other companies.

Sirui T-025X Review: Key Features

One core plus point in our Sirui T-025X review is its material: made out of 8 layers of carbon fiber it is a very durable piece of photo gear in this price range. Its legs can be folded by 180° to make it as compact as possible. All Sirui T-Series tripods come with a C-10X ball head (Arca-Swiss compatible) that can support “normal” DSLR cameras and lenses, although not the heaviest ones. The center column can be retracted and detached as well. Oh, and a snap hook is also included to attach additional weight and it comes with a nice carrying bag and hexagon keys.

WeightSize foldedOperating HeightMaximum Load

1.43 lb


4.13" - 51.18"

13.20 lb

With a weight of just 1.43 lb the Sirui T-025X is the most lightweight tripod we came across in our comparison.A folded size of just 11.80" is a great value that ranks among the most compact tripods you can get.Although the minimum operating height of 4.13" is a great result, the maximum operating height of 51.18" will not be sufficient for many photographers.With a maximum of 13.30 lb the Sirui T-025X can carry, it ranks in the middle field of the tripods compared here.

Besides the maximum operating height and the supported load, all other results of the Sirui T-025X review excel in this price category. Some users came across some “rattling” when using the T-025X. This might be caused by some clearance issues, although I could not recreate this flaw on the model I have tested.

sirui t-025x review

Looking sharp: carbon fiber not only looks good, but is lightweight and durable as well

Sirui T-025X Reviews: Conclusion

Sirui T-025X


Size Folded


Minimum Height


Maximum Height




Maximum Load



  • The most lightweight Tripod out there
  • Made of Carbon Fiber


  • Low maximum Height
  • Some users experience a
3.75 avg. rating (75% score) - 32 votes