MeFoto GlobeTrotter Review

MeFoto’s GlobeTrotter is the most expensive tripod in their product lineup. With a pricetag of just 209 USD though it is quite cheap when compared to other brands. For this price it seems to be a steal – but does it keep its promises when used on the road? We tried to find out in our MeFoto GlobeTrotter review!

MeFoto GlobeTrotter Review: Key Features

Okay, what do we have here? MeFoto’s GlobeTrotter is a tripod aimed at travelers that basically need a very sturdy piece of equipment to carry heavyweight cameras and lenses. With a maximum supported load of incredible 26.40 lb it ranks among the best tripods in our travel tripod comparison. If you compare other tripods that can carry this amount of gear you will see that you would have to pay much more. Fully extended it goes up to 64.20″ which is a good result as well. Of course this comes with a price: it is not the most compact or the most lightweight tripod – but this is a trade-off that you have to take. MeFoto’s GlobeTrotter also comes with an arca-style ballhead and quick release plate. With a separate head and pan lock you can additionally adjust it below the ball head for higher precision. When operating it, everything feels like a really well-made product where everything works as smoothly as you could wish for! It is extremely versatile and stands steady like a rock.

WeightSize foldedOperating HeightMaximum Load

4.60 lb


16.10" - 64.20"

26.40 lb

As MeFoto's GlobeTrotter is the top-of-the-line model aimed at heavier cameras, its weight is quite high compared to other travel tripods.With a folded length of 16.10" MeFoto's GlobeTrotter is a medium sized travel tripod when folded together.The minimum operating height of 16.10" basically is the folded size of the tripod. The maximum operating height is where MeFoto's Globetrotter shines though: 64.20"!A maximum load of impressive 26.40 lb stands out in our tripod comparison. This value is even more impressive when considering its relatively low price.

To put it into a single sentence to conclude our MeFoto GlobeTrotter Review: This tripod has an excellent weight-to-supported-load ratio and comes with a great build quality. Similar tripods might be a little bit more lightweight or smaller when folded, but will cost much more. If you’re looking for a great product for a good price, MeFoto’s GlobeTrotter is a great buy.

mefoto globetrotter review

MeFoto’s GlobeTrotter: Perfect when you need an inexpensive tripod that supports heavy cameras!

MeFoto GlobeTrotter Review: Conclusion

MeFoto GlobeTrotter


Size Folded


Minimum Height


Maximum Height




Maximum Load



  • High supported Load
  • Great build quality
  • High maximum operating height


  • Heavier than comparable tripods
  • Added weight needed for some situations
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