Sirui T-005X Review

Sirui’s T-005X got onto our radar when we were looking for the most lightweight tripod for travellers. With a weight of just 1.76 lb it came in close second which is an excellent result and perfect for the travelling photographer on a budget. At just 139 US dollars it is very inexpensive as well – but can it hold up its good first impressions in other areas as well? We’ve taken a closer look at it in our Sirui T-005X review!

About Sirui

Sirui is a new contender on the tripod market – and they are only producing tripods and accessories for them right now. Sirui was founded in 2001 and got its ISO-certification in the year 2007. Don’t let the “Made in China” thing fool you: Sirui tripods have a good build quality and come with a six year warranty to prove it. The company is present on the globe with multiple offices as well to handle customer service and sales channels.

Sirui T-005X Review: Key Features

The T-005X is the less expensive little brother of the Sirui T-025X. As it is made out of aluminum alloy instead of carbon fiber it is a little heavier though. The C-10X ball head (Arca Swiss compatible) can only support a camera load of 8.80 lb, which is the second difference to the T-025X. Apart from these drawbacks you get a great piece of photo gear though: the best thing about the Sirui T-005X review is its very low size and weight which makes it a great travel companion on longer hiking trips. The build quality is nice and the six year warranty guarantees you years of using this nice little tripod. The center column can be removed and you can add additional weight on a hook if needed which comes in handy during windy conditions. The fit and finish of Sirui tripods is nicely done as well and it is hard to spot differences to more expensive tripods of other manufacturers.

WeightSize foldedOperating HeightMaximum Load

1.76 lb


4.13" - 51.18"

8.80 lb

With 1.76 lb total weight the Sirui T-005X is the second most-lightweight tripod in our comparison.Folded together the Sirui T-005X has a size of only 11.80". This makes him rank among the most compact tripods as well.The minimum operating height of 4.13" is quite good, but 51.18" as a maximum operating height is quite short.With a maximum of 8.80 lb the Sirui T-005X is not suitable for heavier camera and lens combinations.

To sum this Sirui T-005X review up: this tripod is a well-made piece of equipment that excels when it comes to reducing size and weight while keeping up the quality. But – I would only recommend it if you use it with smaller and more lightweight cameras as well. Heavier cameras like a Canon 70D with a bulky lens are too heavy to use with the Sirui T-005X. Although you might get a stable setup working, any wind or body contact might put your expensive gear in danger. For these conditions I would recommend the Sirui T-025X. If you use a lightweight camera though, the Sirui T-005X is an awesome tripod.

sirui t-005x review

Sirui T-005X Review: an awesome little tripod for lightweight camera/lens-setups!

Sirui T-005X Reviews: Conclusion

Sirui T-005X


Size Folded


Minimum Height


Maximum Height




Maximum Load



  • Low price
  • Low weight
  • Compact size


  • Not for heavier DSLRs
  • Low maximum height
3.65 avg. rating (73% score) - 20 votes