MeFoto Backpacker Review

MeFoto’s Backpacker is an entry-level tripod in MeFoto‘s product lineup that looks very compact and lightweight on first sight. For just 139 US Dollars it seems to be a great deal if you know about the great quality of MeFoto’s tripods. But is it worth its price? We try to find out in our MeFoto Backpacker Review!

MeFoto Backpacker Review: Key Features

Okay, so what are the key features of the MeFoto Backpacker? The Backpacker is targeted at photographers with mirror-less cameras or lightweight DSLRs that need something very lightweight for their trips. Besides that I also used it with my regular DSLR which is quite heavy, but it still worked very well (try that at your own risk though). Although it has a pricetag of only 139 USD it is made of high-grade aluminum alloy and makes a great overall impression in terms of build quality. Only the included arca-type ball head didn’t impress me that much as the construction needed some additional “tightening” during the shooting. As said, its weight and compact size are the “big plus” for this travel tripod but its price comes with its height – with a maximum operating height of just 51.20″ it might be too short for some photographers. The legs extract independently of course and can be locked into place at two different angles in the case of uneven terrain. Each MeFoto Backpacker comes with a nice little travelling bag and can be had in many different colors.

WeightSize foldedOperating HeightMaximum Load

2.60 lb


17.30" - 51.20"

8.80 lb

MeFoto's Backpacker features a weight of only 2.60 lb which makes it one of the most lightweight tripods in our comparison.A folded length of 12.60" is the second feature where the MeFoto Backpacker shines: it is the second most compact tripod in MeFoto's lineup.This is where you have to pay the price for the low size and weight of the MeFoto Backpacker: Its operating height only ranges from 17.30" to 51.20".A maximum load of 8.80 lb also ranks relatively low when compared to more expensive tripod models in MeFoto's lineup.

To conclude our quick MeFoto Backpacker Review we have to state: despite some drawbacks (operating height, ball head) this tripod is a great piece of equipment at a very low price. If you’re on the hunt for an inexpensive tripod to take on the road for small to medium sized camers, the MeFoto Backpacker is a great choice!

mefoto backpacker review

Nice little addition: you can get the MeFoto Backpacker in many different colors

MeFoto Backpacker Reviews: Conclusion

MeFoto Backpacker


Size Folded


Minimum Height


Maximum Height




Maximum Load



  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Ball Head Plate
  • Low operating height
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