MeFoto Daytrip Review

MeFoto’s Daytrip is a travel tripod that is a little different from the other ones presented in our travel tripod comparison. It is the one with the most compact size when folded together and one of the most lightweight tripods as well. But the question has to be: at what cost? Priced at 119 US Dollars there have to be some downsides as well compared to more expensive units. We put all the features together in our MeFoto Daytrip review below!

MeFoto Daytrip Review: Key Features

MeFoto’s Daytrip is a two section “mini tripod” that serves a specific use case “below” the other tripods on this page: it is aimed at all the photographers that really have a low amount of space available. Use cases might be photographers that are backpacking around the world or doing longer photo trips where every additional pound of equipment matters. For what it is, it is great: the weight is really good in this price class. Also the build quality really excels as we are used to from MeFoto’s tripod lineup. Because of this specific use case there are some drawbacks though: it can only be operated from 9.40″ to 24.00″ which is quite low compared to other tripods. The maximum load of 8.80 lb will support smaller or medium-sized DSLR cameras, but I would not put heavier gear on top of it. The ball head is not a standard Swiss-Arca type, so exchanging it with other systems you might already own is not always possible.

WeightSize foldedOperating HeightMaximum Load

1.80 lb


9.40" - 24.00"

8.80 lb

As MeFoto's Daytrip is a very small tripod a total weight of 1.80 lb is a very good, low result.This is where the MeFoto Daytrip shines: with just 9.40" it is the most compact tripod folded together of the ones we compared.This is where some drawbacks of the compact size come in: the minimum operating height is the same as the folded size, and 24.00" as a maximum operating height is a very low result as well.A maximum load of 8.80 lb is respectable result for such a small and inexpensive tripod. It does obviously not rank very high though compared to more expensive tripods.

To conclude the MeFoto Daytrip review we have to say that it performs well for its specific use case: being a very lightweight and compact tripod while not giving up too much of the other features. Because of the good build quality it has a good strength to weight ratio and makes a very sturdy overall impression. If you need anything to support heavier camera rigs, you should maybe have a look at the Sirui T-025X.

mefoto daytrip review color options

Always nice at MeFoto: you will have many color options to chose from!

MeFoto Daytrip Reviews: Conclusion

MeFoto Daytrip


Size Folded


Minimum Height


Maximum Height




Maximum Load



  • Most compact tripod in our comparison
  • Good build quality


  • Low maximum operating height
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